Why a Webcam Model Blog?

Some of my friends were asking me the other day why I would want to start a webcam model advice blog, and I just said that because I want to help newbs. They all looked at me like I was from another planet. I mean, does anybody want to help out their fellow humans anymore?

webcam model

They’re just jealous because none of them could figure out how to be a successful cam girl, and they don’t even get that it’s something you can learn to do. Like, they think that if they couldn’t immediately figure out camming, it must not be something that can be cracked. What a bunch of self-obsessed boobs, I swear.

I hope to be posting lots of valuable webcam model tips here on this blog, and also I want to share some of the many crazy experiences I’ve had working at Chaturbate and Cams.com over the last few years. It’s amazing what you can learn from just hearing what other cam girls have seen while on the job..LOL.

Runway Modeling Fail

Videos like this one really make glad I chose webcam modeling, and not runway modeling as my trade. People kept telling me for years that I was pretty enough to be modeling the latest fashions in Milan and Paris, but I was like “Uhh, I don’t think so, bish.” I have no desire to go through all the crap these models have to deal with. The diets, the obnoxious shooting schedules, and all that runway error.

Look at these girls falling on their asses and getting into all sorts of embarrassing situations. Nope, I’ll gladly take my work-from-home camming gig any day of the week. My viewers like the fact that I’ve got curves and look like a real woman, and they love showering me with attention and gifts. Don’t need that runway, noooo I don’t!

Last Chaturbate Pay Period Sucked

I’ve been camming at Chaturbate for like 3 years now, and I’ve never had a period that blew as much as this last one. Late July was so bad for me money-wise, I think I may have to borrow cash from my friends just meet my bills for this month. I don’t really know what happened, my tokens just took a nosedive for no apparent reason.

Yes, I’ve heard of the Summer Slump thing, but I honestly don’t think it was that. Like I said, I’ve been a pro camgirl for years, and have gone through many summers in the past without flopping a period as badly as I just flopped this last one.

I know a LOT of other cam models, too, and none of them report any serious dips in their Chaturbate income in the last several weeks. So, no, I don’t think it’s the slump affecting my earnings. If it’s anything in particular, and not just bad luck, I would guess it’s my new tattoo, which is kind of large and covers most of my chest. Some viewers mentioned they didn’t like it, or thought that it distracted too much from my breasts. I don’t know, hope it’s not that, because if it is, then my income as a cam girl is pretty much done for and I’ll soon be in the market for a better paying job somewhere.

FML, like really.

Vegas Sugar Babies

Girls who do the “sugar baby” thing in Las Vegas typically make way more than sugar babies in other parts of the country. This video proves my point because this girl, Chelsea, reports making up to $30,000 per month from her daddies. I’ve had friends who were sugaring in Vegas, and they’ve told me that it’s much easier to find guys with serious money there, and they’re usually very generous with their sugar girls.

To be completely honest, I HAVE considered jumping into the sugar game, at times, but being a cam girl is much more my speed right now. I’m not so keen on actually meeting guys in person, I like the natural distance that’s involved in camming relationships. I still get a lot of the perks sugar babies get, but I don’t actually have to do anything physically with my regulars, which suits me. Not judging at all, because I actually don’t see anything wrong it — sex is sex. I’m just talking about what fits my life at this current point in time.

Political Hypocrisy

You know, I really feel like politics is just a distraction for dumb people. I mean, I can’t even believe the amount of hypocrisy that runs loose on all sides in the political realm. Trump supporters who used to criticize Obama for every little thing he ever did will totally give the Donald a pass on any of the many outrages and offenses he commits. You can’t do that and be taken seriously. Hypocrisy is one of the first things I look for when I’m considering an argument from anyone. If you’re not consistent in your principles, I have no real reason to put any weight in your point of view.